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1.Workforces in many nations are changing due to changes in birth and mortality rates, immigration, age distributions, external pressures, and competition. Question: What is the significance of diversity issues on the nation’s growth, and how do they affect the workforce of a nation? In the U.S., how have these changes altered the national workforce? Has the focus on diversity improved or injured the national culture? Is diversity, as a construct in itself, always positive? What other factor (s) may be necessary to make diversity successful?

2.Diversity in organizations is an aspect of societal changes and is increased or impeded by individual, organizational, and societal factors. Question: How can organizations manage diversity on a long-term basis?

  1. What key takeaways, from this course, will you apply in the workplace?

Write out each question and answer them separately. Do not forget to use in-text citations and references. Check the word requirements before posting.

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