Provide an annotated bibliography listing at least three different authoritative, outside references suitable for use in the residency research paper. The research articles should address the same emerging trend in data analytics and business intelligence and how the trend is being applied in organizations currently .

Articles you decide to include in for your annotated bibliograph work should be substantive, peer reviewed, come from the full-text University of Cumberlands library (so you can download it) 8-10 pages long, less than FIVE years old, and the subject matter must also be in your text. Articles that are short, do not provide enough substance to be able to use for RESIDENCY project. So the articles you seek out in this research and submit need to be 8-10 pages to have enough substance for you to be able to complete your Residency Paper (details on that will be released towards our residency date).
The content of each annotated bibliography entry should be a solid 2 paragraphs long minimum. A title page should accompany the Annotated Bibliography followed by the entries. An example of one entry for annotated bibliography is below.