course : Bus Cont Plan& Disas Recov Plan

course : Bus Cont Plan& Disas Recov Plan

Remember you may use this website (HBS Working Knowledge: or similar, to identify and select an industry.

Mind set

The purpose of this assignment is to identify the activities used to make strategic decisions regarding DRP and BC planning processes. But first, the scope of the information systems assets, the treats and the business priorities must be identified and aligned with the security posture. So, at the end of this exercise, you should be able to recognize the components of a business continuity and disaster recovery plan.

While you are focusing on the DRP and the BC segment of the risk management process, it is important to keep in mind that you are working within a preselected security framework. So, it is imperative understand the security framework that you are using to security the organization’s critical assets.


Remember, cybersecurity, technology in general, has a very short lifespan. Therefore, all research material should reflect such life. This means the majority of the reference list on your paper should be no more than five years old. Technical and academic references older than five years, with the exceptions of theoretical underpinnings sources, should be used sparingly.

Create a document between 5 to 7 pages (including reference) responding to the following:

A brief overview of the organization’s line of and its industry sector
Identify the “Security Framework” for the line of business
identify related systems and assets, regulatory requirements, and overall risk approach
Create a list organization’s critical information assets, then identify threats to, and vulnerabilities of those systems and assets

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