Course: Cloud Computing (ITS-532-M30)

Course: Cloud Computing (ITS-532-M30)

Assignment – 5

Submit a Word document that addresses each of the following:

Chapter 6

Define and describe a SAN.
Define and describe NAS.
Describe how cloud-based data storage works.
Assume that you must select a cloud-based data storage solution for your company. List the factors you would consider when selecting a vendor.
Many users do not yet feel comfortable storing data within the cloud. Discuss some steps you can take to reduce their concerns.
List the pros and cons of cloud-based data storage.
List the pros and cons of a cloud-based database.
Your responses should be submitted as a Word document and the paper should adhere to APA format and style. Your answers should be written in your own words. Include proper citations to any sources you used in your answers.

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