Define marketing and various marketing terms

prepare a 1-2 page critique of the Case Analysis Group’s response, submitted to the Discussion Board, as a comment to the original.

define marketing and various marketing terms,
describe the social factors that affect marketing, and
explain the importance of multiculturalism and growing ethnic markets to marketing managers.
discuss corporate social responsibility,
describe the role of ethics and ethical decisions in business,
understand the importance of strategic planning and identification of target markets,
describe the elements of the marketing mix, and
discuss the importance of global marketing.

The Case Side Launch is in the text book at the end of the units

o There is concern at Side Launch that, as a small brewery, the recall of their Wheat Beer may have a more significant impact on their performance than if they were one of the larger breweries. Garnett Pratt has called to ask your assessment of how the issue was handled and what impact, if any, it may have on a competitive assessment of their company.

Using material from this unit determine how you would go about assessing how the recall has impacted the companies positioning in the market place, its reputation and future product launches?

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