Unit 2 Assignment 1 Communication

Unit 2 Assignment 1 CommunicationSubmit AssignmentInstructions:

You are the director of a HIM department of a 2,000 bed acute care facility. Recently, the Release of Information Manager has retired. You now need to hire a new Release of Information Manager. After speaking with the Release of Information team, you realize that the new manager needs to have very strong communication and interpersonal skills for the position.

Create a listing of five interview questions that can be used to identify leadership style, communication skills, and interpersonal skills. (Note: There should be a total of 15 questions – five questions for each concept.)
Assignment Objectives:

Meet CAHIIM Curriculum requirement for Bachelor Degree
Domain VI. Leadership
Subdomain VI.Leadership Roles
Section 4. Apply personnel management skills
Competencies: Communication and interpersonal skills
Assignment Purpose:

To identify effective communication and interpersonal skills.

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