Discuss the important trends or findings from the data g.

Discuss the important trends or findings from the data g.

submit one full lab report. To further enhance your prospect of getting a good grade, each student should meet with the professor to preview the draft of his or her lab report (do not email your rough draft to the professor and expect to receive comments via email). Below you will find the recommended overall structure of the lab report. Please remember that all figures, plots and tables should be numbered and have captions. You must include sample calculations (and if appropriate, these can be put in the appendix). Title Page – Title should concisely state what is reported in this report – Author name – Team member names – Date – Affiliation (i.e., Chemical Engineering Department, CSULB) Abstract – General but relevant statement about the topic reported on – Brief summary of the report (not necessarily the same as a summary of the experiment that was conducted) – Brief description of the apparatus/experimental methods/data analysis – Key results & brief discussion I. Introduction

a. Background b. Industrial relevance of this lab c. Method of data analysis (theory and equations) d. Brief description of experiment e. List of objectives

II. Experimental

a. Description of experimental apparatus showing schematic diagram and pictures (include figure numbers and captions)

b. Materials or chemicals that were used c. Brief procedure for running the experiment

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III. Results & Discussion

a. Provide figure captions for plots and tables b. All data must be shown with units, and the appropriate number of

significant digits c. All plots must be properly labeled (axes, legends, etc) d. Tables should be concise e. Describe and interpret the data f. Discuss the important trends or findings from the data g. Provide explanation for data that is far from the expected h. Do NOT present raw data in this section (put this in appendix)

IV. Summary and Conclusions

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