What was Erin Brockovich’s motivation for pursuing this issue?

What was Erin Brockovich’s motivation for pursuing this issue?

What is the problem, who are some “parties” that are affected by the current circumstances, and what is the current impact of the communities involved?

b. What was the substance that was making people sick? What did the substance penetrate (air, drinking water, soil)? What was Erin Brockovich’s motivation for pursuing this issue? What illnesses did the substance cause?

c. What laws or statues are applicable in the film ? Is there anything from the textbook that is applicable ?

d. Are there any other environmental situations similar to the one in the film that have occurred in the past ? If so, which ones and what were done about them ?

e. What risks did Ed Masry take as a small business owner? Did Ed Masry take a risk by hiring Erin? Why or why not? Why do you think that PG&E continued to lie to the residents of Hinkley about the water conditions? What should PG&E have done instead of lying? Consider this…is it sometimes harder to make the right (ethically correct)

f. decision is than the wrong decision (unethical)? Why is this? Did the case get settle or not ? If not, what was the ultimate outcome.

g. What should the government do to prevent companies from making unethical decisions? What should the consequences be?

h. Think of a time in which you had to make an ethically tough decision…now, write what helped you to make the right or wrong decision. What are some suggestions for others who will face tough ethical decisions? What can help them to make the right decision? Should businesses demonstrate corporate social responsibility? Do the decisions I make impact others?

Assignment will be graded on content and appropriate referencing. Any material that is copy and pasted will have points deducted. Sloppy formatting, excessive paragraph spacing to meet page requirement, and improper referencing will also have pointed deducted. Everyone is required to submit his or her own assignment. Plagiarism will result in a zero. All papers must be submitted via dropbox in word doc format (no .pdf)

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