Provide a list of the revised questions and summarize the result.

In this assignment, you will be asked to survey 10 people on a variety of topics. The survey respondents can be from class or outside the class.This will be done twice, once with questions provided on the next page(these questions are biased, leading, and misleading). You will then have to revise the questions to remove the biased and misleading nature and then re-ask the same 10 people. Make sure not to ask the different set of questions right after the other, rather do it on separate dates. Note that the question type does not have to remain the same (e.g. closed or open-ended question, Likert scale). Based on the ‘data’ collected, answer the following questions:

1)Provide a list of the revised questions and summarize the result. Present a summary table indicating the responses to each question. You should not present all the individual responses, rather summarize the answers to each question (e.g. how many people responded yes or no to question 1. (5marks)

2)In no more than1000 words comment on the differences (and similarities) in the responses provided by the 10 people. In your answer discuss how the format of the questions impacted the results of the survey, including the accuracy and validity of the question and results. For instance, does the result accurately reflect the opinions of the subjects? Are the questions valid to ask in the present form? (10marks)

3)In no more than 500 words, comment on the broader implication of improper questions on the influence and interpretation of data collection in research in general. (5 marks)

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