Introduction Unit Learning Outcomes

As you begin studying and observing different pieces of art, it is important to practice putting your reactions to the art into words. With this first journal reflection, focus on what you gravitate toward and what thoughts and feelings arise within you as you study this art. Then find descriptive words to write it down within your journal.

Unit Learning Outcomes

Define the creative process and describe the roles that artists most often assume when they engage in that process. (CLO 4)

Discuss the different ways in which people value, or do not value, works of art. (CLO 4)

Explain how cultural conventions can inform our interpretations of works of art. (CLO 1, 2, 4)


Answer the following questions within your journal reflection:

In your opinion, explain what the most important thing a good work of art should have or do? Provide a specific example.

After watching the videos, reflect on the following:

Which artwork caught your attention the most? Elaborate on your reasoning why.

Describe how this artwork engages you intellectually and/or emotionally.

As you write your journal reflection, try to be as honest, vivid, and original in describing your thoughts. Be creative! Use one of the media listed below to create your journal entries (infographic, interactive presentation, video, or blog.)

Click the amazing templates to choose from and start journaling!

canva, genially, you tube, word press, sway

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