CBT Model Practice Reflection Paper

CBT Model Practice Reflection Paper

Purpose: To improve your understanding and application of CBT.

Guidelines and Directions: This paper should be a minimum of 6 pages in length, excluding your cover and References pages. Answering the questions listed below end up organizing your paper into six subsections – this outline is required in completing your analysis. Please use and cite course readings and external literature sources with APA references to support your analysis.

OUTLINE – use highlights as subsection headings to organize your paper

Use a case study( made up one) of an individual with a diagnosis(examples, PTSD,depression, anxiety, etc with a storyline of where this came from) to apply this to when writing this paper.

Brief Summary about the purpose and organization of your paper

Identify the Theoretical Model, CBT, under review and clearly describe the presenting condition [i.e., specific dimensions or challenges/issues – use The BASIC-ID model approach] that will be addressed.

Describe the model’s Rationale (why), i.e., its major theoretical assumptions and propositions that account for the desired change and how change is expected to occur in this model.

Discuss in concise detail the model’s Intervention Strategies and Techniques that were applied in addressing the client’s condition while explaining the rationale behind your use and choice of strategies.

Briefly discuss the clinical evidence (e.g., from Clinical Case Studies journals or other sources) that Support your Use Of The Selected Interventions described in the preceding paragraph. Are there other specific problems and/or disorders for which this model has been found to be effective?

Based on your clinical practice with the above client, provide your Critical Assessment of the Strengths and Limitations of this model with regard to the associated interventions described in your case summary.

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