Research Paper Overview

Research Paper Overview

Students will submit a 5-7-page research paper on a topic related to and relevant to the field of Anthropology.

Research Topic

Investigate, choose a topic that is related to and relevant to the field of Anthropology.

· There should be a minimum of 4 paragraphs clearly stating the topic and its significance. Relevant information should be included to support the topic and the scope and content should be appropriate as well.

· Address the following requirements for your summary:

o Subject of the paper (Not the title but the broad topic – what you are researching).

o Describe briefly why it is beneficial to research this topic.

o Your thesis statement (This is NOT a question but a sentence that states the main points or argument of your presentation).

· You must have at least one scholarly journal article at this time.

· Review the Research Topic rubric for more information about how this assignment will be graded.


The References list submitted should include at least 5 sources (at least 3 scholarly journal articles), all dated within the last 10 years.

· This should be presented in correct APA format, and titled References.

· Do not include Wikipedia or Huffington Post or other like sources please! This is a formal research paper and references should be credible, critically evaluated, and unbiased.


The outline should consist of an opening paragraph and identify the basis for supporting paragraphs.

· Should contain the major points of the paper clearly stated and relate directly to the thesis statement.

· The argument should be very clear and logical and the organization of ideas should be very effective. You may use the traditional Roman numeral format or one similar. It is important to see that you have organized your research well and it is sufficient to fulfill the rubric requirements as well as make for a good paper.

· The supporting examples/details should be clear, well chosen, and properly cited in correct APA format. Be sure to show in-depth understanding of the topic.

Research Paper

includes the following elements:

· The body of the paper should be at least 5 pages long, no more than 7. Please!

· Include a title page, References page and in-text citations.

· Follow APA formatting rules.

· Review the Final Paper rubric for more information about how this assignment will be graded.

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