course : Bus Cont Plan&Disas Recov Plan

course : Bus Cont Plan&Disas Recov Plan


Now that you have selected an industry and a business sector and presented explored the components of a business continuity and disaster recovery planning, in this assignment you will work with activities in phase one of the planning process.


The purpose of this assignment is to identify the activities that occur during the project initiation phase of business continuity planning.

Here is where you the business impact analysis (BIA) will be conducted. Remember, the BIA helps identify and prioritize information systems and components critical the organization’s mission and business functions


Remember, cybersecurity, technology in general, has a very short lifespan. Therefore, all research material should reflect such life. This means the majority of the reference list on your paper should be no more than five years old. Technical and academic references older than five years, with the exceptions of theoretical underpinnings sources, should be used sparingly.


Review the assignment you submitted last week. Then, create a document between 5 to 7 pages (including reference) responding to the following

Make a business case of the overall risks within the company (based on the risk you identified last week)
Write a brief summary of the how business impact analysis (BIA) can help the organization
Explain how will the “Security Framework” you selected last week help minimize the risk
Develop the contingency planning policy statement

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