You will create your very own mock community organization.

You will create your very own mock community organization. Review the bullets and questions below, and incorporate the answers to each within your presentation. Be sure to determine your method of presentation delivery. Regardless of this method, ensure that you effectively communicate so that there is a clear understanding of your community organization.

• Identify needs or issues within the community

• Based upon the issue or need, create an organization

• Name the Organization

• What does your organization stand for/represent?

• What is the purpose of the organization?

• What is important to your group?

• What are the three main values? Are these shared values?

• Who is a part of your collective future?

• What is your commitment to the organization?

• How will you obtain credibility within the community?

• What is your vision? What is your mission?

• How will you obtain funding? For what? Why?

• What will the group do? Will the actions of the group be aligned with the shared values?

• Create a logo for the organization

• What does the logo represent/stand for?

• Are there specific colors that have meaning to the organization?

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