Coaching functions.

Coaching functions.

Managers need to engage in a complex set of behaviors to perform the various coaching functions. These include the following: establish developmental objectives, communicate effectively, motivate employees, document performance, give feedback, diagnose performance problems, and develop employees.

Developmental Activities

There are several ways through which employees can reach the objectives stated in their developmental plans, including • On-the-job training • Self-guided reading. • Mentoring

See attachment and provide a separate response to all 3. Your responses to others need to be more extensive than “I agree.” What about what they said do you agree or disagree and why? Are there questions their essays raise in your mind? What do you think about the judgment made by the essay writer? Do you agree or disagree? Could you find a judgment in the essay? Keep the conversation focused on applying the concepts to this particular situation.

Option #2: Earned Value Management Review

Option #2: Earned Value Management Review

Using past course texts, current suggested readings, and other scholarly resources, write a review of earned value management.

Define the following:

Schedule variance (SV)Cost variance (CV)Schedule performance index (SPI)Cost performance index (CPI)Be sure to address these questions:

What do SPI and CPI demonstrate? How do you plan to use this information in your recommendation to the CIO?How are SV and CV related to one another? Why are these terms important?What are the major advantages of using earned value metrics to understand the effectiveness of project performance? What do you perceive are its disadvantages?What are the challenges associated with obtaining earned value metrics? What can you do as a project manager to minimize the challenges?What are your recommendations given the information above?Lastly, conclude with a description of the value of earned value management to an organization.

Resource: Delta Corporation Company Profile

Resource: Delta Corporation Company Profile

Read the Delta Corporation Company Profile.

You are an HR representative at Delta Corporation. Your manager has asked you to analyze the company profile and address the following in 525 to 700 words:

Assess the current company profile and identify any current or potential diversity issues
Evaluate why diversity is an issue
Create a strategy for recruiting a competent and diverse workforce for your company.

Long term care is not only for the elderly.

Long term care is not only for the elderly. How do the needs of the elderly, veterans, and children compare? How are they different? What role does rehabilitation play for those in need of long term care?

  1. Discuss ethical considerations for residents of long term care facilities. For example discuss access, rationing and the transfer of assets. Read Chapter 13 and discuss all ethical considerations for those considering or living in long term care facilities.

What motivates employees?

What motivates employees?
Does compensation motivate behavior?
What are some elements of motivation?
Can compensation attract and retain employees?
What behaviors should compensation reinforce?
Your essay should be at least two pages in length, including an introduction, a body of supported material, and a conclusion. The title page and references page do not count toward meeting the minimum page requirement. A minimum of three scholarly references is required for this assignment. Please use the CSU Online Library to locate the supporting references to complete this essay. Be sure to apply the proper APA format for the content and references provided

This week’s topics: Managing Risk in the Healthcare Industry and Regulatory Bodies and Laws

This week’s topics: Managing Risk in the Healthcare Industry and Regulatory Bodies and Laws

Topic 1. What types of risk must be managed in the healthcare setting? For example, what specific types of risks are commonly associated with healthcare settings?

Topic 2: Chapter 10 in the required text discusses laws related to aspects of patient care. What are these laws? Are there related laws other than these in your state’s statues and regulations? If so, what are they?

Principles of Risk Management and Patient Safety

Publisher: Jones and Bartlett

Author’s Name: Barbara J. Youngberg