Prepare an advertisement for that position that complies with federal law. This advertisement must be detailed. The minimum length of your job description must be 300 words (approximately three-fourths of a page). You can make up the job details but must include the following:
A job description
A description of the job duties
A description of the minimum qualifications
Prepare 10 illegal questions that must not be asked. For each question, be sure to justify your reasoning.
Prepare 10 legal questions that may be asked during the interview. For each question, be sure to justify each question.
Submit your three- to five-page paper (not including the title and reference pages). Your paper must be formatted to APA style as outlined in the approved APA style guide and must cite at least three scholarly sources in addition to the textbook.

Business System Discussion

After reviewing the key features of business intelligence and business analytics, why do you think firms are increasing the use of these tools? What do you see as the benefits of firms utilizing business intelligence and business analytics? What potential drawbacks do you see with firms utilizing these tools? Research some of the most popular business intelligence or business analytics tools used today.

The Impact of Chronic Illness

In a Microsoft Word document of 4-5 pages formatted in APA style, describe the information collected about a person with a chronic illness.

Identify one person from the illness group you chose in Week 1 to interview. The person should not be a patient at the facility in which you work. You can use friends, family members, or coworkers. Do not use the person’s name in the paper, only initials.

Administer the questionnaire you created in Week 1 to that person and address the following:

Compile the data and analyze the responses to better illustrate where this person, his or her family, and friends are in relation to accepting the diagnosis in relation to the standard health or illness definitions.
The analysis should also include coping skills, treatment, and support aspects of the illness.
Explain how this information will direct care plan development for the chosen illness group.
Include a copy of the interview you created with the responses from the person interviewed in an Appendix.

Pricing Strategies Paper

Using Business Source Premier, review the following articles:
Kermisch, R. & Burns, D. (2018). A survey of 1,700 companies reveals common B2B pricing mistakes. Harvard Business Review Digital Articles.

Mohammed, R. (2018). The good-better-best approach to pricing. Harvard Business Review, 96(5), 106-115.

Simon, H. (2017). Whole Foods is becoming Amazon’s brick-and-mortar pricing lab. Harvard Business Review Digital Articles.

Following your review, write 750-words minimum APA paper on pricing strategies

Discussion Board

Mrs. Cason brings her 10-year-old child to the clinic stating my son “just isn’t breathing right, he doesn’t want to play, he just sits on my lap or lays on the couch, and this happens all the time.” The appearance of both mother and child is disheveled. The child’s wheezing can be heard across the room. When asked if her son is better at any certain time of the day the mother responds: “It’s like this all the time and has been for the past year, we just don’t come to the doctor because we don’t have any money.”

Mrs. Cason’s son was diagnosed of asthma.

Discuss short and long term treatment options for this child, inhaled beta2-adrenergic agonists. Include rationale for your recommendations.
What is your educational plan for the child?
All posts must be supported by peer-reviewed references within 5 years of publication.

Generation Of First Level Analytics

Synthesize the application of software used in data science environments.

John Sprocket, CEO of Sprockets Corporation, has asked you for a white paper including the following elements:

The python code for the data reformatting job and the converted file
The R code and a screenshot image showing how to generate the related statistics
For the data file reformatting, start with a csv formatted data file of sales data, and to read in the file (.csv) and write it out as a tab delimited file in order to have it processed by another system. Switching the first two columns in order to support the new format will also be necessary.

For the quick statistics, John asks you for some specifics:

Generate the mean and standard deviation of the quantity ordered, price of each and sales for the sales_sample_file.csv using the R programming language.
Generate a histogram for the quantity ordered, price of each, and sale. Present as a screenshot placed in the deliverable.

Race And College Admissions

In this assignment, you will use data to explore the different educational experiences among racial groups in the U.S., particularly in the real-world example of race in college admissions. For context, the admission process is an open one at Ashford University in that there are few barriers to admission to a program of study. As such, Ashford enjoys a high occurrence of diversity in its student demographic. This, however, may not always be the case in traditional college admissions practices in the US.