Evaluate the challenges and benefits of employing a diverse workforce.

Evaluate the challenges and benefits of employing a diverse workforce.

Design a plan for conducting business and managing employees in a global society.

Critique the actions of organizations as they integrate diverse perspectives into their cultures.

Evaluate the role of identity, diverse segments, and cultural backgrounds within organizations.

Attribute different cultural perspectives to current social-cultural dimensions.

Analyze the importance of managing a diverse workforce.


physical barriers

Research the different types of physical barriers that are defined and described in the chapter. Answer the following questions.

Describe the characteristics of a high-security door, to include the type.

Describe the characteristics of a high-security roof, including the type.

Describe a maximum security fence, why are fences not the best barriers?

PICOT Question And Literature Search

create a clinical guiding question know as a PICOT question. The PICOT question must be relevant to a nursing practice problem. To support your PICOT question, identify six supporting peer‐revised research articles, as indicated below. The PICOT question and six peer‐reviewed research articles you choose will be utilized for subsequent assignments.

Use the “Literature Evaluation Table” to complete this assignment.

Select a nursing practice problem of interest to use as the focus of your research (use hypertension as a topic/problem). Start with the patient population and identify a clinical problem or issue that arises from the patient population. In 200–250 words, provide a summary of the clinical issue.

Following the PICOT format, write a PICOT question in your selected nursing practice problem area of interest. The PICOT question should be applicable to your proposed capstone project (the project students must complete during their final course in the RN‐BSN program of study).

The PICOT question will provide a framework for your capstone project.

Conduct a literature search to locate six research articles focused on your selected nursing practice problem of interest. This literature search should include three quantitative and three qualitative peer‐reviewed research articles to support your nursing practice problem.

evaluating BFSI

1. Identify the key criteria and considerations that need to be taken into account in evaluating BFSI (the company)entry in the proposed foreign markets.

2. Of the countries under consideration, which five would be most suitable for the

immediate establishment of a BFSI subsidiary? Highlight the key issues for each of the selected countries and discuss the reasoning behind your recommendation.

3. Which countries would be unsuitable for a BFSI subsidiary at this time, and what are the basic shortcomings in each case?

Quail Creations Point of Sale System

Being an intern for Quail Creations, a retail clothing business with three regional stores and a minor online presence. The business was recently purchased by Gary Schumacher, a retired teacher with 30 years of experience but limited background in small business management. The current point of sale (POS) system is outdated and does not integrate with the website sales. Gary plans to adopt a new system and expand the online store. He is overwhelmed by the options and has asked you to research the available POS systems and select the best choices for him to review.

Your Task: Read the articles linked below on point of sale systems. Based on the information provided, explain the criteria he should consider when selecting a new system. Narrow the options to the top three systems that Gary should consider. Provide a rational for your decision and information on the pros/cons of the three selected systems.