Strategy Report

In this paper, examine your organization’s generic and diversification strategies, its international moves, and its ethics, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability practices.

Your paper should address these topics:

  1. Your organization’s generic strategy or strategies.
  2. Any diversification strategies the organization pursues.
  3. Any international moves made by your organization. Does it operate internationally? In what format(s)?
  4. What ethics policies and practices does your organization have in place?
  5. Does your organization practice social responsibility? In what way(s)?
  6. What are your organization’s environmental sustainability practices?

Ethics and Law

  1. Which is better for a criminal justice agency to have: a strict written code of ethics or employees who possess a high personal code of ethics? Does one preclude the other? Which type of organization would function better?(150 Words Minimum)

  1. Should middle schools and high schools add “Crime Prevention” courses to the school-wide curriculum? What would be the benefits if this is enacted?(150 Words Minimum)


  1. According to Article 1 in the ASIS code of ethics “A member shall perform professional duties in accordance with the law and the highest moral principles”. How does this principle support the criminal justice system and what happens an individual if this rule isn’t followed? (150 Words Minimum)

  1. 4.In preparing to bring a case to trial, how much should lawyers know when picking a jury? What should lawyers “look-out” for when selecting a jury, in effort to stop a case from receiving a false verdict?(150 Words Minimum)

Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp. and Public Service Commission

Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp. and Public Service Commission

For full credit, your assignment must be 2 full pages of text double spaced not including the title page and the references page, 12-point font, 1-inch margins

Parties [Identify the plaintiff and the defendant]

Facts [Summarize only those facts critical to the outcome of the case]

Procedure [Who brought the appeal? What was the outcome in the lower court(s)?]

Issue [Note the central question or questions on which the case turns]

Explain the applicable law(s). Use the textbook here. The law should come from the same chapter as the case. Be sure to use citations from the textbook including page numbers.

Holding [How did the court resolve the issue(s)? Who won?]

Reasoning [Explain the logic that supported the court’s decision

Wrap up with a Conclusion. This should summarize the key aspects of the decision and also your recommendations on the court’s ruling.

Environmental Geography: carbon emission

Environmental Geography: carbon emission

Natural Gas pipelines in the United States Coal-based power generation continues to account for about 30% of electricity in the United States. Some climate change mitigation proponents advocate for switching from coal to natural gas (a comparatively less-polluting fossil fuel) as a means of immediately cutting emissions and transitioning to a low-carbon economy. Formulate an argumentative paper evaluating the (in)effectiveness of investing in natural gas infrastructure such as pipelines as a means of facilitating the transition towards a lowcarbon economy.

Word limit: Approximately 3000 (+/- 200) words not including the full bibliography at the end of the essay. Marks will be deducted for breaching the word limit.

References: at minimum, the following references must be included in your essay.

i) At least three peer-reviewed journal articles (these can be the same ones used in the first assignment)

ii) At least one of the assigned readings from the course

iii) Minimum of 7 sources in total

Project does not have any attached files

Research Project on Business Law

Research Project on Business Law

Our approach to learning Business Law this semester is to understand the major concepts of business law, and then apply them to actual business situation. For your legal research project, you will investigate in depth a specific legal topic and report on your research in a comprehensive paper. The goal of this paper is to give you the tools you may need in your career when you face a legal issue. You’ll want to do some preliminary research before determining if you should speak to an attorney or utilize an alternative dispute resolution technique.


Laws on classification of workers are independent contractors vs. employees

Since you will have to conduct research for this assignment, we will review how to access Chabot College library and the research tools offered both in the library and online. You’ll also find more information on research techniques in the Legal Research Project folder in the class Canvas “Files”.

Begin your research with your textbook. Get a general understanding of the topic you choose. Your sources much include:

Two additional sources that discuss the legal principles of your topic in depth (another textbook, for example – there are several on reserve at the Chabot Library, a legal dictionary, law journal, or a book on your topic)

One recent (within the past 2 years) source from a magazine that discusses the implications of your topic for business. That source can be a business magazine or legal journal (the online editions of printed magazines are acceptable sources; purely online sources are NOT).

One relevant case – a published appellate course opinion – in the past 10 years that really clarifies the important factors that courts consider when deciding the cases.

Not that you can not use “Internet-only” sources unless they are .gov or .edu or websites. It’s fine to use a online versions of a published magazine. Avoid other types of websites, will not be considered a viable source.

First assignment – once you’ve completed your research, prepare 2 to 3 paragraph summaries of each of your sources for your paper along with a link to that source. Your assignment will be posted to a discussion including the links. Post each source in its own discussion post. Total of 4 sources worth 10 points each.

Finally, compose a 7 or more-page, double-spaced paper based on your outline. Also include a citation page, not included in the 7 pages). Be sure to follow the writing and academic integrity guidelines. Don’t copy from your sources! Your paper must include MLA in-text and a citation page.

Project does not have any attached files

Paper: Cover Letter

Paper: Cover Letter

Carry out an online job search in your field of study that you would like to apply for upon graduation. Try to find at least 3 positions for which you will be qualified and that interest you. Create a list of key words that are common to these positions. These may be particular skills (e.g. presentation, specific software programs, etc.), education, experience, or industry specific terminology. Knowing these key words will help you tailor your resume and cover letter to the position.
Write a cover letter: Even though cover letters are generally “optional,” to apply for a position, they are required if you actually want the hiring manager to look at your resume. Select one position from your search and write a cover letter tailored to that position. Using key words that you identified in part 1 of this assignment will help you grab the reader’s attention and give your resume a better shot of being reviewed. Highlight the key words by putting them in italics or bold (you wouldn’t do this in an actual cover letter you send out; this is just for this assignment). You can visit the Career Services Lab for help on writing a cover letter.
Submit a copy of the job posting (do not include the URL in case the position is filled and posting removed before you submit your letter) and your cover letter to the LP01.2 Assignment dropbox. This assignment is worth 20 points. Go to Course Resources and click on the LP01.2 Assignment Rubric for grading criteria.

Art Research assignment

Art Research assignment

Below is the website to The Museum of Fine Arts of Houston.

Once you are on the website, select Collections, then Collecting Areas

This assignment has to be 5-7 pages long, plus a work cited page, double spaced, and 12pt Times New Roman Font. Use in-text MLA style citations (Author page) at the end of the sentence.

Attached is what is expected to be talked about in the paper, but it does not have to be turned in. This is pretty much your rough draft of all the notes so you can compose it all on one paper.

Please submit your assignment as a Word document.

persuasive essay

persuasive essay

Write a 2,500 to 3,000-word (or more) persuasive essay based on your research from the Annotated Bibliography assignment. Your purpose is to persuade your reader that a specific problem (of your choosing) exists. Then, you should identify two to three potential solutions to the problem, evaluate and critique the lesser solution(s), and then persuade your reader to accept your last solution as the most effective.

Be sure to do the following in the body of your essay:

Establish that a single problem exists. Describe the problem. Examine the causes of the problem. Provide detailed support to prove that the problem is significant. Explain to readers how this problem affects them.Be sure to present only ONE problem, not three. More sophisticated essays should include a paragraph of refutation that refutes a counterargument suggesting the issue is not, in fact, a problem.
Present and evaluate one to two lesser solutions to the problem in order of effectiveness. Describe and explain each lesser solution, and evaluate each solution to show that it is inadequate (just like Ezekiel Emanuel did with the liberal and conservative solutions in the second health care article

Describe and explain your best solution. Describe the solution, and explain the specific ways it will solve the problem. Explain who the solution will benefit and how, including detailed support to persuade readers that this solution is effective (just like Ezekiel Emanuel did in his essay

Use refutation to defend your best solution. In your refutation for your best solution, you will focus primarily on defending your solution against objections—although it is perfectly acceptable to acknowledge that this solution is not perfect. The general structure of refutation should be as follows: 1) identify and summarize the objection to your solution; 2) then, concede (partially); and 3) refute the objection, showing why your solution is superior despite the counterargument.
Consider each of the questions on the following checklist to help you revise and edit your essay.

Have you presented your essay in MLA format

Do you have a title that grabs the reader’s attention and suggests the focus of the essay? Consider using a title that first hooks the reader and then includes an academic subtitle that clarifies your subject (e.g. “California DREAMin’: The Death of Educational Access in the Golden State” or “I Have a DREAM Act: Defending Educational Opportunities for Undocumented Students”).
Do you have a hook that grabs your reader’s attention? Remember: your first job is to grab the reader’s attention!

Have you included relevant background information in your introduction? Is there any introductory information (e.g. definitions or historical context) that your reader needs to know in order to understand your thesis statement?
Have you defined your terms effectively?
Do you have a clear, focused thesis? Include a clear thesis statement. Boldface it.

Do you have well-developed paragraphs with clear topic sentences, detailed support, and developed explanations that link your support back to your thesis? Underline your topic sentences.
Is your factual evidence contemporary, sufficient, relevant, and representative?

Do you include expert opinion? Are these experts qualified to make this statement? Is the expert biased? Have you honestly presented these experts in terms of their credibility and/or bias? Have you accounted for experts who disagree?
Have you made appeals to the needs, values, and beliefs of your audience (Pathos)?
Have you carefully chosen your language to persuade your reader?
Have you used refutation in your essay? Have you summarized the opposition’s arguments and objections to your position? Have you (partially) conceded and/or refuted opposing positions where relevant?

Have you attempted to build common ground?
Have you included effective transitions between your paragraphs to ensure that your essay is unified and cohesive? See the

Have you effectively synthesized (combined) and summed up your argument? Have you used appeals to call your reader to action? Have you suggested the first or next logical step towards accomplishing your goal? Have you painted a picture of what the world might look like if your solution were implemented? Have you considered using a framing device (remember the Forrest Gump example that uses a repeating image/symbol/idea/quote/narrative to weave the parts of your essay together). Have you appealed to your reader to acknowledge what is at stake with this issue? Note: you shouldn’t necessarily use all of these strategies, but think about using one or more if relevant.
Have you avoided plagiarism and used signal phrases to introduce your sources and establish credibility?

Have you used MLA format

to cite your sources, using signal phrases

Your essay should use a minimum of eight outside sources.
Project does not have any attached files