Real Estate Investment

Assume that you are able to obtain a loan from the bank for up to $10,000,000 at 7% interest

annually. You are to create a portfolio of real estate investments from real estate properties

currently listed for sale. Select a minimum of 3 properties that you can purchase with this loan

from any source, for example, These investments can be from anywhere in the

United States and from any price range (use current market values). Calculate the expected total

cost of purchase for these investments. Calculate the expected annual payments for mortgage

interest, property taxes, and insurance. Calculate expected gross rents and net operating income.

Compare the expected net operating income to your expected mortgage interest, property taxes,

and insurance payments. Make conclusions as to whether these investments are profitable based

on your analysis. Use concepts found in the course to defend your position. You can make any

realistic assumptions necessary.

Assessment Strategies Presentation

Research assessment strategies that include formal, informal, formative, and summative assessments. Based on your findings, create a 12-15 slide presentation in which you include:

  1. Definition of formal assessment strategy and give one example.
  2. Definition of informal assessment strategy and give one example.
  3. Definition of formative assessment and give one example.
  4. Definition of summative assessment and give one example.
  5. Content and grade level for each strategy example.
  6. Differentiation and accommodations that may apply to each strategy.
  7. Rationale for the use of each assessment.

Discuss the general characteristics of the four stages of team building

Teams can exist for a myriad of reasons; however the development process will always be relatively the same.  Understanding each of the stages is important as it will allow an understanding of the process the team must progress through when brought together for a common goal.

This DB has two parts:

  1. Discuss the general characteristics of the four stages of team building: forming, storming, norming and performing?
  2. Discuss a time when you were a member of a team in your organization.  How did your team progress through these stages?  What issues arose and how did your team overcome them.

Parable of the Sadhu

A “sadhu” is an Indian holy man that by definition is an “ascetic.” People who are familiar with sadhus know that they take a vow of poverty, much like some orders of Roman Catholic nuns or Buddhist priests. They depend on the kindness of strangers to share food, clothing, and sometimes, shelter. This story is based upon the experiences of multi-national bank CEO Bowen McCoy, who went to Nepal to fulfill a life time dream to climb Mount Everest. McCoy and his party of climbers and Nepalese sherpas (guides, servants, and climbing assistants who have years of experience climbing Mount Everest)), encountered a freezing Sadhu on the side of the road (see article). They were unsure whether they should help him and to what extent, especially because helping the Sadhu might mean keeping their party from completing the climb to the summit of Mount Everest.

Your job is to state what the issues are in this story and examine the choices and decisions that McCoy considered about how to take care of the Sadhu. Use read the Stephen Carter article and use his ideas to make sure your decision has “integrity.” If you believe in integrity as a factor or not, be sure to specifically state your reasoning. Use the authors’ names to give them credit such as (Carter, p.33) OR (McCoy, p. 6).

School board meeting reflection

Watch a live stream or an official recorded video of a recent school board meeting. (

In a 500-750-word reflection about your experience, address the following:

  1. Describe each item addressed at the board meeting. What was being discussed and why?
  2. Explain who was in attendance at the meeting. What kinds of people were there? Why were they there? Were you surprised by who attended?
  3. Describe who presented at the meeting. Were the presentations civil? Did you agree with one side or another of the arguments?
  4. What you learned at this board meeting.
  5. How you will use what you learned as a teacher.

ERP Implementations

This week, you will be working on making a presentation to the board and provide a valid recommendation for an ERP system. As you begin your work this week, think about the importance of knowing your audience as you develop your presentation. How can you determine if you have enough detail in your presentation? Do you think perhaps you include too much technical requirements and not enough overview of the project? Discuss how you will create a presentation that describes the project and provides just the right amount of information that is required.

In responding to your peers, explain why third-party products are needed to round out ERP system functionality. Describe the infrastructure components and what is involved in choosing and installing the components.

General Psychology

When people think of psychology, they usually think of mental disorders, emotional disorders, abnormal acts, personal problems, and psychotherapy, but it relates to many different areas of life. Define psychology, and describe how it addresses topics from a scientific perspective. Your answer must include two specific examples.