leadership effectiveness

leadership efectiveness
Number of sources: 4
Paper instructions:
Leadership Effectiveness Application Paper Guidelines

Prepare a 5 page paper that identifies four (4) important insights gained into organizational dynamics, and how you have or will apply them to enhance your leadership effectiveness. A well-constructed paper will reference 4 or more scholarly sources including 3 peer-reviewed journal articles and adhere to APA standards.

As outlined in the rubric below, your paper should address the following:

Use course theories and concepts to identify 4 significant insights gained into organizational dynamics that has changed your behavior and/or thinking; define and discuss the value and importance of the theories and concepts to leadership effectiveness.
Assess your current effectiveness as a leader, and describe how and why the application of the insights gained will improve your leadership practice.
Create a specific action plan based on the insights gained from course theories and concepts to improve your leadership effectiveness.


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