Personality Theories

Personality Theories
Number of sources: 3
Paper instructions:

This FINAL ESSAY applies modern, research-based theories of personality (chapters 9 – 17) to describe/ explain your personality. It is similar to your Midterm Essay, but applies more recent kinds of theories, and concludes with a critical comparison of these theories to the psychoanalytic ones you used for the midterm essay. Using observations from your journal, assessments and personal experiences, write a cohesive 5 to 7 page essay. Use concepts and vocabulary from 3 or more of these recent chapters. Include external references like journal articles and books. Conclude by explaining how your profile is different here from your first essay. Compare and contrast, and make a concluding statement about the view you find most accurate or useful.

Do not rely solely on the text. At a minimum, cite two or more additional (credible) references in addition to our textbook.
Use personality assessment or tests where useful to make a point about your personality. Cite your sources.
Full assignment is 7-10 pages, which includes a title page, and abstract and a reference page. This allows for 4-7 pages of actual content.
Paraphrase rather than quote, and when quoting, no more than a few lines (2-3) embedded in the text. Give a page number for direct quotes.
Write clearly and succinctly. Avoid long rambling sentences.Big words and long sentences may be wasteful. Avoid rhetorical questions and dictionary definitions.
Visual aids (any graphics: tables, pictures, graphs) must be in an appendix after the reference page. This includes results of questionnaires or tests. In the essay, refer to appropriate appendix and figure or table (e.g., see appendix). These are not counted toward the pages of your assignment.
Fonts: Arial, Calibri, Times Roman or Courier New, size 12 or smaller – no bold or italics.
Grading criteria from rubric: Engagement 25%, Clarity of Delivery 20%, Accuracy and APA Style 25%, Organization 15%, Examples and Evidence 15%


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