Week 1 Interview Project, Part I

Week 1 Interview Project, Part I

This initial assignment submission is designed to assist you and ensure you are on the right path.

For this assignment you will identify a target person to interview. This individual must be a fitness and wellness professional. You must be able to have personal access to your Interviewee. Personal Access includes access to them via phone, email, in person interview, video chat, etc. You may not use an already existing interview that you did not perform.

In the Text Box Provided:

1.) Submit a target interview candidate for approval.

Provide a short bio and explanation as to why this individual will be an asset to your future as a fitness professional.

2.) Explain in specific detail how you will perform the interview.

Submissions for Week 1 Interview Project, Part I must be 3-5 paragraphs, containing 3-5 sentences each, and should be submitted via Text Box.


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